Refunds apply according to the conditions of the rates or services purchased. Below we make some details: Requests from the client to make the total or partial return of services of the products purchased directly with Said refunds will always be subject to the conditions of the rates or services purchased, informed at the time of purchase, likewise the response time will depend on the service purchased or provider; therefore it is not the responsibility of if the third party (service provider) does not authorize the return of the same according to the tariff restrictions on cancellation and refund.

In no case will the administrative fee or fee be refundable. An administrative charge will be generated for the refund process depending on the product purchased. Refunds will only be applied in favor of the payer in services, if a refund is applied, it will be given to the same means of payment in which the purchase was made and it will take between 30 and 45 business days after receiving the complete information from the client. and that said reimbursement be approved by the Mytripfirst reimbursement area.

How to fill out a cancellation and refund request with all the fields? as stated therein:

  • Attach supporting documentation:
    • Copy of the payer’s ID.
    • Copy of the bank certification of the means or means of payment with which the purchase was made.
    • Copies of extracts or expired references do not apply.
    • Copy of the voucher of the service to be reimbursed.
  • In case of force majeure send:
    • Copy of the identification of the passengers.
    • Illness (traveler or first degree of consanguinity): clinical history
    • In both cases, a copy of the civil registry to prove the first degree of consanguinity if required.
    • In case of death: death certificate.

But you can visit the page of the airline also if you bought this flight by airline directly and want to know how to request cancellation and refund.

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